So a follow up to the post earlier, here’s the awesome team from @radioheatwave_np that came down to #MediaCorp #Radio! Just some of the most talented people I’ve ever met. (at MediaCorp Caldecott Broadcast Centre)

So I finally got a breather to post this, but what an awesome visit to #MediaCorp #Radio, thanks to @radioheatwave_np! We got to hang out with the awesome #Deejays at #987FM - Justin and Vernon from #MuttonsOnTheMove, and Gerald from #ItchyPyjamas! Even Bobby from #Class95FM dropped by! It’s been amazing to learn from them, and it was even better getting to go live, on-air with them too! (at MediaCorp Caldecott Broadcast Centre)

There’s just something #serene about taking the #MidnightTrain. Just quietly thinking and humming tunes, as it chugs me home. It’s times like this, I appreciate being #alone.

So there was the #MSP meeting today at #MicrosoftSG, with hilarious results. Anyway, stayed back with colleague @hoopla_punta to get some stuff done, but it’s clear we were both getting really tired. At least you can’t (easily) get sick of the view from the office! #ThatFaceTho (at Microsoft Singapore)

After all of the craziness that is today, finally got to settle down for dinner with these two #NPChamps leads for the evening’s #SportsFiesta #mascot mayhem. Phew! (at Al-Azhar Bukit Timah)

I couldn’t catch the rest of the artistes - due to all the organization going round (kudos to the #MarComm #MIDEA team) - but at least I got send off #ORANGECOVE! They’re really super chill bros and are mightily friendly. #MideaMania really knows how to unite the very best! (at Radio Heatwave@Ngee Ann Polytechnic)

There’s #STOPGAP, and they’re one of the most open and relaxed bunch of band members you can ever meet, here at #MideaMania! Cameo appearances of singer-songwriter #GentleBones, and #MarComm athlete Suhaila! (at m:idea Office)

It’s been a hectic day with three events back-to-back, so I’m only getting around to posting photos from today. So first up, here’s Joel, AKA #GentleBones, and his performance at #MideaMania was fantastic! Don’t forget to get your tickets to his Debut Bonus EP event, happening on 30 August! (at m:idea Office)

RONIN 5! Okay, well not really. But if you want these samurai umbrellas, all you need to do is a really quick survey. Go to FB.ME/CTVNP to know more! Heck, they’re really cool. #StepSamurai #WeTried (at m:idea Office)

So we’re having the #OOOMY event, right now here at Munch@NP! It’s an open-mic event, so if you’re up to perform, come on down! If not, enjoy the wonderful performances we have, all up till the late afternoon! Have fun with us, the crew from @radioheatwave_np! (at Munch @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic)