Alright so here’s the second half of people departing #Singapore, and this time going to #Japan! Have fun @kimberlyannet and @elmerism! Have a safe trip and, enjoy all the sights and sounds that is the land of culture and tradition! #WorldTraveller (at Singapore Changi International Airport Terminal 3)

So it’s been ages since @aiest and I have met up, and boy it’s been a blast! Great to finally catch up with you over some hearty dinner and desserts, and thanks for helping me cool off after work today. Now we’ll see about our parkour arrangement soon. #oldfriends

So here’s to lucky @ya_nezty and @steffysleepy flying off from #Singapore to the #Philippines and later on, #Japan! Enjoy your time there guys, you deserve it, haha! #WorldTraveller (at Changi Aiport Terminal 1 Departure)

So I guess the new pillows are a hit with my #cats. #Puss surely approves, since he wouldn’t budge even with the photo being taken.

So @jonimomo and me decided to check out #TheEminentTakeover, springing forth from #urbanisme an amazing open-floor art concept, with resident bands like @pleasantrymusic becoming part of the exhibition itself. @shitsamdoes saved the both of us from being completely lost souls, to gaining better understanding of the vision and meeting the geniuses behind the art direction. Come over and visit Eminent Plaza, and explore what is a constantly evolving, work-in-progress masterpiece of art and music. Experience the #Takeover! (at Eminent Plaza)

This has suddenly become my new obsession. Not only because of the underlying melody and beats, but because of the lyrics too…

(Source: Spotify)

Yup, @YOUMEATSIXOFFICIAL KILLED IT TONIGHT AT @SCAPESG #SINGAPORE! Thanks for answering the interview questions and more importantly, for the awesome show @bricksatmywindow, @welcometoflinttown, @mattmeatsix, @chewymeatsix and @maxhellyeah90! Take care though Josh; all that dedication for the fans even with your foot injury! Thanks again to @Pennylane_SG for the event and @echoproductions for the live production! #YouMeAtSix #YMAS #YMA6 #echoroar #SCAPE (at SCAPE)

So @nhakimm from @radioheatwave_np and me for @thenativeentertainment are here at #SCAPE, with our yellow #mediapass bands, covering @youmeatsixofficial live in Singapore! We also have #TheCaulfieldCult opening the show too! Thanks @pennylaneevents for the awesome opportunity! #YouMeAtSix #PennylaneEvents (at SCAPE)

So it’s been a long while since I got to chill with @ianradar, and boy there’s a lot we have to talk about (and maybe partner up on)! Now he’s gonna be stolen by the #NDU, and I’m blessed that I could spend a hearty lunch with ya before your enlistment. All the best bro! Go #LingLegacy, heh! (at Compass Point, Singapore)

Had fun hanging out with my sis @jeanettechoo at Sentosa, where she looked for #illustrator #inspiration and I looked for #musicforall #ideas. A great way to end a Monday full of emails and one very drawn out, early afternoon project meeting. @charischairs, told ya you should’ve come after your work too! (at Sentosa)