Silly little #Cali likes to lie on my lap while I’m putting my shoes on (or taking them off when I’m back home). Shes just being adorable, I suppose. #calico #cat

It’s a Saturday of intense work and play, and for #NPComClub, it’s been wonderful to see their #Hearthstone campus competition come to successful fruition. Even more so, they’ve gotten #EpicGamingTelevion to be their official casting and streamers on @TwitchTV, and @Razer as their gaming peripherals and prize sponsors! The new committee have definitely grown a lot; you guys rock! (at NP Studio 27)

So the #OMFNY14 misrule has finally come to an end, but these wonderful people will still be like family, after all the tough trials and fun experience we’ve been through in #NewYork. The final presentation exam is official done guys! #TheAmericanDream #TheWhiteHouseChallenge (at New York Harbor)

So a follow up to the post earlier, here’s the awesome team from @radioheatwave_np that came down to #MediaCorp #Radio! Just some of the most talented people I’ve ever met. (at MediaCorp Caldecott Broadcast Centre)

So I finally got a breather to post this, but what an awesome visit to #MediaCorp #Radio, thanks to @radioheatwave_np! We got to hang out with the awesome #Deejays at #987FM - Justin and Vernon from #MuttonsOnTheMove, and Gerald from #ItchyPyjamas! Even Bobby from #Class95FM dropped by! It’s been amazing to learn from them, and it was even better getting to go live, on-air with them too! (at MediaCorp Caldecott Broadcast Centre)

There’s just something #serene about taking the #MidnightTrain. Just quietly thinking and humming tunes, as it chugs me home. It’s times like this, I appreciate being #alone.

So there was the #MSP meeting today at #MicrosoftSG, with hilarious results. Anyway, stayed back with colleague @hoopla_punta to get some stuff done, but it’s clear we were both getting really tired. At least you can’t (easily) get sick of the view from the office! #ThatFaceTho (at Microsoft Singapore)

After all of the craziness that is today, finally got to settle down for dinner with these two #NPChamps leads for the evening’s #SportsFiesta #mascot mayhem. Phew! (at Al-Azhar Bukit Timah)

I couldn’t catch the rest of the artistes - due to all the organization going round (kudos to the #MarComm #MIDEA team) - but at least I got send off #ORANGECOVE! They’re really super chill bros and are mightily friendly. #MideaMania really knows how to unite the very best! (at Radio Heatwave@Ngee Ann Polytechnic)

There’s #STOPGAP, and they’re one of the most open and relaxed bunch of band members you can ever meet, here at #MideaMania! Cameo appearances of singer-songwriter #GentleBones, and #MarComm athlete Suhaila! (at m:idea Office)