And of course, it was great meeting friends everywhere at @bonesgentle’s legendary EP launch, with some of the #MIDEA crew of @extro_introvert, @nurulsuhaila and @fishypudge! Then, we have #IAmSAM @simplyika and @brylingual_ here too! Last but not least, some of the awesome media peeps themselves, such as @sunnygoh97 and @garethfernandez! Still so many others that I couldn’t manage to grab a photo with; but what a awesome night!

As expected, @bonesgentle killed it. So proud of you man; you made local music history with that incredible turn out! All those memories will stay with me, but at least I’ve got your #autographed #EP and the #mediapass pink band to keep as momentos. Upward and onward to bigger things, Joel and team!

Just in, a #Gramofon! This wonderful little device pairs well with @Spotify to wirelessly push my entire online library from my #iPhone to the stereos hooked up around the house! Can’t believe they took the effort to send one my way in #Singapore, and make it work flawlessly. Finally a way to make my speakers #social when having people over, so they can push their tunes onto the playlist too. Thanks, Team Gramofon! #Fon #Spotify

So we’re part of the @radioheatwave_np team, collaborating with #RSG and #OOOM for #FromSingaporeWithLove. We did everything from emceeing to audio production, and even performing on the open-mic! Awesome way to promote a #humanitarian cause. It’s also happening tomorrow, so come down to the #GroundTheatre at #SCAPE if you can! So much local talent out there, it’s amazing! (at SCAPE)

A morning breakfast with the rare #kitty #cat trifecta. It’s hard to get all three of them to cooperate when they start playing #KingOfTheHill for one food bowl. Based on this photo, I think we know which areas #Cali, #Puss and #Goldie control in the porch garden.

So we’re both exhausted from yesterday, as we both recover from first-day #COMEX related activities. I’ve got meetings scattered around the city center, while @humblepiezxcasd is helping #Lenovo expand its customer base. After all of that we managed to pull together to eat a way overdue dinner (uh, #supper rather), and we’re pretty much just #hoboing thereafter. (I actually fell asleep posting this halfway, oh goodness. HAHA!) At least there was a ton of networking for the both of us, I guess. #exhausted #firstpick #techday #latergram (at Hougang Mall)

Excuse the bad lighting, but here’s a new friend I met from #SouthKorea! She’s with her younger brother, having a holiday here in #Singapore (though he doesn’t like being in pictures). The whole thing started when they were asking for directions, so I brought them around and the rest is history. A rare moment for me to use the #UniquelySingapore tag, haha! (at Clarke Quay)

A wonderful late afternoon chilling at #FoodForThought and then, the #SingaporeArtMuseum for #ContemporaryArt references after. A nice distraction from the routine after all, especially with @charischairs and @jeanettechoo discussing game economics, while @humblepiezxcasd and me went through marketing strategy observations. #iamsambody #brainpicking (at Singapore Art Museum)

Just one of the eight sessions I taught from today’s #MicrosoftSG, #WeSpeakCode! So many awesome participants and fantastic kids who picked it up rather quickly. It’s even more heartwarming when their eyes light up and the brilliance of them creating something hits them; that #YouthSpark. Thanks @audritan for sneaking the photo, haha! (at Microsoft Singapore)

Teaching kids how to develop Smart Apps (and for some, their very first app), at @MicrosoftSG, for #WeSpeakCode. It’s back to back lecture and practical sessions, but I love seeing their joy, when run the app they’ve created. Start that #YouthSpark! (at Microsoft Singapore)