It was a nice Sunday morning to sleep in and #Cali was snoozing beside me. She didn’t like it very much when I needed to get up…

So it’s all coming together, for the #eGTV #Hearthstone League, Season 1 Finale! Come support us at #AlienwareArena and watch our finalists battle it out for prizes, including our sponsors: @Razer and #MOL. Besides, there’s stage prizes and raffles to be won by you as well! (PS: Limited edition merchandise is also available - like the shirt I have, heh.) #eHL #BlizzardSEA

So we had a recce at #Ubin Island, and @estheriseating had a lot of ideas of an outdoor photo shoot, along the way too. Check out her professional account: @cheerokeex!

Looks like my #MiniTomato is finally blooming! Well, hello there from the #ClickandGrow!

After a long day, countless photos, recording work and dinner on a rooftop; the team’s done! What a great time! #TheOasis #MIDEA #ctv @RadioHeatwave_NP

This is DJ @Inquisitive and damn his mixing sense is sensational! Crowd’s great, being on stage is awesome, and we’ve got content to share on @RadioHeatwave_NP! HEATWAVE IS BACK, BABY! #TheOasis #itsgoodtobemedia (at Wave House Sentosa)

Here’s the #MIDEA, #ctv and @RadioHeatwave_NP crew, covering: #TheOasis! Let’s see if the hype’s worth it, and how our winners are gonna react! (at Wave House Sentosa)

OMG Erika, you ninja with the photo captions. Still loved having dinner with you though! :P (at Makan Place)

#Beauty can be found everywhere. Just look for it. #sky #colours

Look at my lovelies grow! I decided to swap the #ChilliPepper and #LemonBalm plants’ positions, just so it’d look balanced. I’m so excited to see the #MiniTomato starting to develop buds too! #ClickandGrow is beautifully amazing!