It’s lovely to know there’s awesome people out there who can help you, even when the rest of the world above is at war. In Guild Wars 2 anyway, haha. Zraith’s Beacon cleared! What a milestone!

Good-Looking People = Millions of Miles Away

It’s just not fair. Why can’t they be so much nearer!? Heck, why am I not over there instead? Don’t get me started on the awesome-personality ones! Those great people are a gazillion miles alway. I could name so many right now. Ranting…

Press to time travel… The awesome things you find on a traffic light button!

The motivation you get for a cause. These are seriously awesome posters. Thanks Joy!

I love playin’ pool! It’s such an awesome game, though I’m still very amateur at it.

I always envied people who could draw so well. What makes this even more special is that she drew this on an incredibly shaky bus ride. That’s skill!